LTL & FTL Freight

FTL ( Full Truckload )

FTL ( Full Truckload )

FTL shipping stands for full truckload, which means that the cargo can take up a complete truck by itself. FTL shipments are usually used once there are 10 or more palettes that require to ship.  FTl freight costs are more accommodating to companies with a lean budget trying to save on over all cost of operations.

It’s typically pretty straightforward to understand once your cargo must be shipped via FTL, however generally smaller shipments may benefit from FTL freight shipping. If your cargo is risky, FTL is surely the best choice.

FTL shipments be are on one truck the whole time and aren’t transferred throughout transport, therefore there's considerably less risk of damage occurring. This methodology of transportation is additionally much faster than LTL, since just one cargo is on board and there won’t be multiple stops on the approach.

When picking the most acceptable form of cargo for your freight, forever bare in mind the dimensions of your cargo, your budget, how fragile the freight is, and how quickly you wish your cargo to achieve its destination. If you've got a lot of cargo that’s delicate in nature and desires to arrive quickly, FTL is your best bet. If your cargo is small, sturdy, and not in a time crunch, LTL can suit your need just fine.

LTL ( Less Than Truckload )

LTL shipping stands for less than truckload, that means that the cargo won't take up a whole truck. These sorts of shipments generally weigh between 100 and 10,000 pounds.

With an LTL cargo, you simply procure the space within the truck you want. for instance, if your cargo solely takes up one-third of the space on the truck, you simply procure one-third of the truck. the remainder of the truck can then be filled with seperate little shipments from different corporations, creating LTL freight shipping an excellent alternative for small businesses that don’t ship in massive  bulk. But with ups shipping partners and standard shipping even on expedite lanes we got you covered. LTL Shipments take longer getting to their destinations, because of the multiple shipments on board making frequent stops. If time is of the essence, you will need to contemplate FTL shipping, which  is much easier to get flat rate shipping cost.

Volume Pricing

Do you have deal with large and frequent LTL or FTL shipments? We offer special headload and pupload rates on select lanes. Available for volume shipments over 8,000 pounds or eight linear feet.

Call our specialists at now a volume quote valid for 7 days.

Current volume pricing includes routes to select markets from:

Northern California



Western Missouri

Northeastern U.S.

Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

Texas (into Dallas) 

Oregon and Washington (into California)

Salt Lake City, UT

Denver, CO

Boise, ID