Worldwide Logistics

Filling In The Gaps

 When  dealing with freight it is a necessity to fill as much empty space as  possible, to maximize on the returns for each mile traveled. In addition we work with a world wide network of warehousing facilities in order to cover all of our customers needs. We  specialize in finding contracted loads  on our carriers regular routes,  to improve their bottom line. In the next year we will be launching our  proprietary logistics software that will put shippers and carriers  together like never before, and alleviate the stress of dead hauls. 

VIP Green Team

In today's world of closed loop recycling and no waste gurentees, VIP prides itself on proactively collaborating with the most  amazing minds and companies, to develop a more Eco-friendly world wide logistics blueprint.  Our partners and clients benefit from our  Green-conscious resources, influence, and education as we integrate  green friendly changes together throughout the industry. 

Our Contract Carriers

 We  search to contract the best carriers on land, sea, rail, or air. We  spent years cultivating our relationships, as well as our ability to  help those we work with become bigger, better, and stronger. Due to our  direct influence and the help of our channel partners; we save our  carriers money on their bonds, insurance, truck purchases, accessories,  fuel, and company branding.  

Logistics and Supply Chain

We  are full a full service logistics company with a long list of contract carriers; consulting clients on  growth and development of not just the entity itself, but employees as well. Our contract carrier services network is massive. Containerized overseas transport, air freight, and oversize equipment transport, fleet evaluation, repair  services, recruiting, reverse logistics, efficiency, freight forwarding, safety compliance, shipping terms; are just a few areas in which we continue to guide our clients. 

The Crossroads

 We  are at the crossroads in the logistics industry.  The training and  education of future drivers, logistics agents, and dispatch managers is  essential to diminish the enormous 22% deficit of qualified drivers to  available freight. Those who continue to remain in the dark, ignoring  safety standards and qualifications renewals, will find themselves on  the outside looking in. 

Corporate Event Planning

 VIP  Transport encourages our corporate  clients to engage their employees  in regular activities that promote teamwork.  When you sign up with our executive concierge services, your event planner will create  activities and plan social functions and choose the best method of transportation, via executive bus, boat, and limousine charters. It has been proven that he concepts of these endeavors are prepared to promote communication, synchronicity, and solidarity. The travel planner chooses the best theme for the expedition, with a specific goal identified as the psychological barrier that needs to be overcome by the team; ultimately improving the entire company, not just the individual employees.